Love the art, love the tea.


Brand Experience

DOHO22 is a very special place that combined art gallery and tea cafe. This very unique was taken because based on our research in Surabaya, only few cafe specifically positioned itself as a place to enjoy a cup of tea.

At first, the idea was quite scrambled. To win we need to plan, manage and optimize all assets against defined targets. After some in-depth interview sessions with the owner we come up with an idea of combining art gallery with a hangout place to enjoy special tea.

In order to tell people about the ‘artness’ of DOHO22, we made the atmosphere tells itself. We’ve created an arty platform, so people could enjoy art on every spot of the room. We made all consumer touch points to show what it’s really all about. This is the place for those who wants to enjoy great art with a cup of tea with their friends.